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The following outline reflects positions the DCBA has taken to date on a select number of bills.

April 13, 2016

SB 16-179                                    Support

CDLE Unemployment Insurance Classification

SB 16-177                                    Neutral

Modify 2015 Urban Renewal Legislation

HB 16-1430                                Oppose

Oil & Gas Operators Share Dev Plans With Local Gov

HB 16-1435                                 Oppose

Low-wage Employer Corporate Responsibility Act

SCR 16-4                                       Oppose

Real Estate Transfer Tax For Affordable Housing

March 8, 2016

 HB 16-1310                                  Oppose

Operators Liable For Oil And Gas Operation
Current law requires that the owner of surface property rights demonstrate that an oil and gas operator’s use of the surface land in mineral development “materially interfered” with the surface owner’s use of the land. This bill amends this standard to allow the owner of surface rights to demonstrate that the operator’s oil and gas operations harmed the surface owner’s use of the land, caused bodily injury to the surface owner or any person residing on the property, or damaged the surface property. The bill also holds oil and gas operators strictly liable for their conduct if oil and gas operations, including hydraulic fracturing, cause an earthquake that damages surface property or injures an individual.

March 29 2016

HB 1289                                                 Support

Incentives To Complete Career Development Courses

HB 1376                                                 Oppose

Expand Authority Office Of Consumer Counsel

HB 1388                                                 Oppose

Employer Hiring Criminal History Employee

(Ban the Box)

HB 1403                                                 Oppose

Colorado Secure Savings Plan